Twitter says they...

“believe in free expression and think every voice has the power to impact the world.”

“Free expression” doesn’t seem to cover dad-jokes. At least not when a conservative makes them.

Michael’s Knowles’s account was suspended over a joke tweet instructing Democrats to vote on November 7 (the day after the election).

We joke all the time about suspending Knowles at The Daily Wire, but that doesn’t mean we’ll let Twitter do it.

This is just the latest example in Big Tech’s ongoing mission to censor conservatives across all social media. It’s hardly a surprise, and what’s even less surprising is that Twitter lets leftist users tweet the same kinds of jokes with no suspension until we call attention to it.

From pro-life organizations to conservative personalities, Twitter is continuing to suppress conservatives, their messages, and even their jokes.

We don’t like bullies. We like our First Amendment rights.

Stand up to Twitter. 
Stand up for free speech.

Add your name today to show Twitter that we won’t sit back and let them silence us or our ideas.


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